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Aries (♈) /ˈɛəriːz/ (Latin for "ram") is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, spanning the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude (0°≤ λ <30°), and originates from the constellation of the same name. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this sign from approximately March 20 to.

Use the Magic of your desire and intention to ride this powerful wave of change. Mercury is heading retrograde too this week, helping us keep in the deep long enough to get it really right. On the Scorpio New Moon your human magic is strong. Your wishes make an imprint and call forth the substance we call reality.. Earth plane real. Now you can know what you truly want and what is in the way.

Unexpected shocks of all kinds occur when Uranus is in action. Be aware. Where are you feeling the rumbles of this shifty liberator in your own chart. Stay on your toes. Opportunities abound. Courage is your facilitator. Clarity is your tool. The moon is full in fearless Aries on October 13, Courage is close at hand. Purpose is even closer. What a perfect blend of energy to shift us closer to where we choose to go. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. There is an impulsive vibe that can help or hinder.

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Oh, the double edged sword. This moon will tap you into the selfish part of your psyche. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and there is an inherent impatience with this energy. A fired up need to go go go. To hurry. Burnout is a possibility. Rudeness highly likely You can take the Everyday Astrology Podcast with you anywhere! Now is the time to reset our intentions. Value conscious Venus is ruling this self-respecting New Moon.

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Aligning with your heart's desire is one key to a happy life. This is a potent time of renewal and deep multifaceted understanding. This new moon energy can bring life long harmonious connections. Write out your plans and move with purpose in the direction of the highest expression of the life you and your loved ones are living.

Life is rich. We might as well be too. September 23, Autumn equinox is marked as the Sun moves into lovely Libra. Our need for relationship is highlighted now. We can see clearly our human need to connect with others. Peace, beauty, justice and balance are all coming into view. How can you add more of these qualities to your life? What do you need to leave behind to get where you want to go? It is a time to bring into awareness of the finer side of life. Claim your contribution. Cultivate your grace. To compromise is Divine. Take the time to mark down your intentions.

Find some time to sit and journal and capture what you learn about yourself during this most important transition. Daily gratitude is powerful. Daily forgiveness heals in all directions of time. Tend to your relationships and they will tend to you.

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You can take the Everyday Astrology Podcast with you anywhere! Pisces New Moon takes us on a magic carpet ride through the multidimensional Cosmos. A deeply healing reset is underway.

This magic is practical. To forgive is Divine. This mystical Pisces full Moon energy gives us the Vision to reach for the most joyful expression of our precious lives. All the Virgo energy provides fabulous discernment. Choose wisely the thoughts that will create your new reality. If we align with our hearts we connect to the hearts of others. We are one. We can feel all our feelings acutely now. Our super powers are coming on board.


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Our awareness expanding exponentially as greater truths are revealed. There maybe moments of overwhelm, confusion, or deep fatigue. We each hold the authority to move the substance of the Cosmos into new realities with our declarations of so being. So be it! The Moon is New in master of details Virgo. Our thinking is clear and the path appears.

Align with discernment and integrity. Choose vibrant health and longevity.

A stellium of personal planets in Virgo assists in clarity. We now have a clear Vision for the highest expression of our very best lives. Ignoring this inner knowing is dangerous. When we ignore the nudge we get the shove. Venus and Mars are conjoined with this New Moon. A Virgo pow wow of planets helps us initiate new practices. A fusion between different parts of our self helps us move forward Mars toward what we value Venus.

Oh blessed Clarity leads the way. This is the time of year to get down to business.

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Virgo seeks perfection. We are put on earth to better ourselves. This self-improvement includes being of service to others in someway. You may feel a need to make your world deep down clean. I am talking about the nooks and crannies, suddenly Q-tips are useful beyond just clean ears. You can really clean a window sill with a Q-tip.

February 12222

Or the buttons on the phone. Now it is time to perfect the systems in your life, get things in order. Scan your living space and get rid of the clutter- it's bad for your energy. Make room for the new in your life by literally making space. If you want a new couch get rid of the old one, even if you can't see how you will get the new couch. How can you help? The Virgo eye will question what the doctor is prescribing, distrust what might be in the water supply, and be the first to ditch the lotions, soaps, tooth pastes and deodorant after learning of the toxic soup we swim in.

Go Virgo- only pure and natural will do. Virgo can also cause a tendency to worry. There is a lot to be worried about-that is for certain. You will find that when you are proactive the negative worry mind subsides. Care for your precious self and your precious self will care for you.

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    This Aquarius Moon leads us to let go. To detach from the past and choose fantastic new timelines. Flashes of genius are being beamed to all of us right now.