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Aries (♈) /ˈɛəriːz/ (Latin for "ram") is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, spanning the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude (0°≤ λ <30°), and originates from the constellation of the same name. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this sign from approximately March 20 to.

Check them out on Facebook at Uyarkq and SudBand. Then there was the time Johnson was flown to France to play a weekend gig and a radio spot. With all of this work, Johnson learned how to control a crowd to good effect.

If you push them too hard at the beginning, they're going to fizzle out before it's closing time and the bar loses money. Back then, I usually started off a little bit deeper and then worked my way into the harder stuff. The music started changing a little bit, too. It went commercial, super commercial. He ended up at Great Alaska, a fishing lodge in Sterling. People don't realize that, especially when you're living in Sterling at the lodge. There's no way. After a disagreement over how the lodge treated one of the other.


That's how the bar makes money and that's how it should — you've got burlesque in this room, a DJ in that room, and a. Now everyone's on the same page.

We support each other. Yeah, everyone gets along now, which is better in the long run, because the base pay has stayed the same. Fishing and DJ'ing are the two things I love the most, and fortunately, this is a place where you can get paid to do both. Well, we grabbed one of those when we were at the mall. It was an actual 21 and over dance club. We went and met up with a manager during the day. His name's Rick. When I was younger I looked a little older.


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I handled myself older, because I'd been in the scene for a few years already. We threw this huge party in the club. I opened. No one ever said anything [about my age]. It's their party.

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Let them ride in. In Seattle, he said, once you get booked at a big place like The Last Supper Club, you get asked to play everywhere. It was this huge warehouse and every weekend there was a party there. Then, I'd play all those. In one night I'd play four times. I'd go play at an after-hours spot. I'd go play a rave, and then go back to a place called Havana's at or a. Just goes to show you that nice guys don't always come in last. It's always been this unspoken, yet widely accepted approach to the way we categorize and treat people in the United States. It starts in the public school system, which has become more like this savage social playground; the place where, often, the mob mentality decides where we as individuals belong.

Granted, who am I? Just a small-town performer, a mere speck in the perspective world of show business. I'm the opener, the guy all the girls call "local". In other words, I ain't shit. Now is that a forever thing? I mean, who is it that ultimately decides that in the end? Me, or you? I'm going to stop right here, put a little pause on the end game where this tangent had intended to land. To create a dialogue of relevancy I'm going to take us back about five years. Among many of the artists to attend, there was one person who would bloom into something no one expected.

At the time. But Alaska was definitely where I decided to share my talent and where I first got so much love for my music. The Cypher played as a meeting grounds for a lot of us artists to come together and begin collaborating.

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It gave face to those we may have heard of, but had never had the chance to meet. I was known as a sort of. Chi reached out to me via facebook looking for a producer with "professionalism". In other words, she wanted a producer to render services paid, not a creep trying to bag her. I set her up with Darius Dossman, and I believe you can find some of those tracks on his soundcloud page Darius But people go off what they see, and that's just that… or is it? Time passed and I never heard Chi the Rapper's name get brought up. Being that, she sort of slipped off my radar until a few months back.

I get this message on my instagram from some rapper out in L. So, obviously, I have to write her back. She went to L. She definitely takes more Latin influence with this lane of music she's working on. Which female artist inside of hip hop would you say you associate with strongest? I have mad respect for artists that expose that side of themselves. I like feeling something when I listen. As a female artist within the music industry of today, would you say things have progressed?

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Or do you feel women are still being typecast? Honestly, it blows my mind that we still try to keep each other from going far instead of encouraging each other. We can blame the industry all day, but it really has to start with us wanting to make a change. We have. We have to learn to love each other, which really comes from learning to love ourselves. You described your new single "Mango" in one of our instagram discussions as, " I am currently working on releasing my new EP. I also got my favorite studio and engineer to record, mix and master it, and that has really made a difference in quality.

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  5. Plus one of my favorite artists is designing the cover. I just really hope my fans accept the transition and can relate to my new style and what I have to say.

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    What's the next single? I got the idea for the song from a fling I had with a guy who would smoke a cigarette afterwards every time. Who are hoping for a chance to work with? Kendrick would probably number one for me. I really would like to work with Chance The Rapper, too.

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